Building a financial plan to secure your future is challenging when you don’t possess the financial knowledge, and finding an advisor you can trust with your money is no easy task.

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Planning for the future can be challenging.

We help turn challenges into opportunities.

The PermaWealth team knows how these challenges can take a severe toll on your emotional and physical well-being. We believe planning for your future need not be stressful. If you’re feeling confused about who or what you need to achieve your financial goals, you’re at the starting line. Now, let’s begin.

Our PermaWealth Group Values

Through successful financial planning and implementation, our clients thrive. We bring these core values to the process:


Financial planning and management involve facing your fear of risk--and that can be scary! An optimistic mindset helps overcome the emotional challenges that will inevitably arise as the market changes. Having a well-crafted plan and strategy enhances this mindset. Positive relationships help increase overall well-being and foster an optimistic attitude, which is crucial for responding positively in times of uncertainty.


Financial planning is so much more than account statements and online apps. We focus on providing more to our clients. That's why we regularly hold client education and appreciation events, conduct client surveys, and listen to your feedback.


Many of our client relationships span decades and generations. We deeply value the trust our client families place in us, so we're here to support you, no matter what challenges arise.


Ultimately, it is not about the numbers. However, you find meaning, we are here to help you.


Don't you love that feeling of satisfaction when you achieve a challenging goal? We can't guarantee you will obtain all your life goals, but we can guarantee our commitment to helping you achieve them.

Our commitment to our clients.

Our mission is to enhance our clients' financial peace of mind, and we want you to feel comfortable throughout our time working together. That's why we will be available, listen to your feedback, and communicate the technicalities of financial planning in a way you understand.

Our vision is to solve financial complexity for each client to help achieve their unique desired lifestyle. Your PermaWealth advisor is committed to helping you:


Simplify the technicalities of financial planning


Reduce your financial stress


Help you feel confident and optimistic about your financial future

Our Team

Carlos Arostegui

BBA, CFP®, CIM - Financial Planner

Don Proteau

B.Comm., CFP®, CIM® - Senior Financial Planner

Brant Taylor

CFP®, CLU®, R.F.P.®, CEA, BBA - Senior Financial Planner

Josie Madunic

BA, CFP®, CPCA - Financial Planner

Lainie Loo

B.Comm., CFP®, RRC® - Associate Financial Advisor

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Whether you need unbiased investment strategies, insurance, tax, or estate planning, your PermaWealth advisor has you covered. Book a call with us today.

Our Connection to CI Assante Wealth Management


The PermaWealth Group is located in the Assante Vancouver Center branch. CI Assante Wealth Management is one of Canada’s largest wealth management firms, supporting 900 professional advisors who oversee over $46 billion of wealth for Canadian families and business owners. Assante is a subsidiary of CI Financial Corp., a leading global diversified investment company with approximately $189 billion in total assets as of August 31, 2020. Canadians trust Assante for a reason–we were ranked #1 for customer satisfaction and wealth management by JD Power in 2021.

Carlos Arostegui

BBA, CFP®, CIM® – Financial Planner


Carlos works with high-achievers and stands at the core of their financial lives. As one client recently said: “I’m glad you live and breath all this money stuff so I don’t have to”.

When Carlos engages with his network or with his clients’ trusted professionals, he aims to deliver a cohesive experience in the areas of insurance, tax, investments, cash flow, and debt. The idea is to integrate these financial pillars into a unified plan. His main goal, however, is to do this while delivering an outstanding customer experience.

Worth Noting

With his busy and active life, Carlos enjoys hiking and keeping to a healthy lifestyle. 

Don Proteau

B.Comm, CFP®, CIM® – Senior Financial Planner


For more than three decades, Don has helped his clients achieve their financial and life goals.

Born and raised on Vancouver Island, Don attended the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia, graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree.

Don was one of the first to earn the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® designation in Canada in 1996, and the Chartered Investment Manager designation in 2013. 

Working mainly by referral, Don built his practice advising over 100 client families on earned trust and consistent service through all life events and market cycles.

Worth Noting

With his busy spouse, Kim, he pursues a life of family connection and travel. Recreational activities include long-distance rides on his BMW motorcycle, playing hockey, and skiing. 

Brant Taylor

CFP®, CLU®, RFP®, CEA , BBA – Senior Financial Planner


For over twenty-five years, Brant has specialized in providing comprehensive wealth management to his clients whether they are executives, self-employed, retired, or even encountering a life event such as an inheritance. Although his practice is primarily in British Columbia, he has clients across the country. Brant routinely deals with situations where the level of complexity is high. He also enjoys the intellectual challenge of finding solutions and designing strategies that allow his clients to tackle their challenges directly.

Worth Noting

Brant listens to what his clients want out of life. He recognizes that more than technical expertise and knowledge are needed to achieve the best possible outcome. Brant takes the time to understand his clients as unique individuals with aspirations for themselves and their families.

Josie Madunic

BA, CFP®, CPCA – Financial Planner


Josie, a Vancouver-born individual, realized the importance of strong financial values at a very young age. Her immigrant parents instilled in her the value of a dollar and the importance of hard work. During her early teenage years, Josie volunteered at a community hospital for sick kids, which humbled her before starting university in the fall after high school. Her passion lies in educating young investors about managing their finances to achieve security and peace of mind. Josie believes that having one’s financial house in order is important, especially in case of health issues, to prevent stress. Growing up in the East End working-class neighborhood, she learned that strong connections, good character, honesty, and trust were important values. Josie recalls helping her parents with their banking needs and completing their financial forms, which taught her how money played a role in society. She continues to be grateful for her experiences and now focuses on helping her clients achieve their financial goals.

Worth Noting

Josie believes in giving back to the community and helping others achieve their financial goals through hard work and ethics. Her childhood experiences instilled in her a desire to pursue a degree in psychology at UBC. With over 30 years of experience in the financial industry, she enjoys working with clients and guiding them towards financial security. Apart from her professional life, Josie also enjoys the theatre and symphony, as well as rock concerts. Her ultimate passion is to educate the next generation about managing their finances. Overall, Josie’s dedication to her community and passion for education make her a valuable asset to those around her.

Lainie Loo

B.Comm., CFP®, RRC® – Associate Financial Advisor


For more than a decade, Lainie has been providing guidance to families helping to meet their financial goals. Providing comprehensive financial planning to client families and a listening ear to all their financial needs. Relationships with her clients are very important and a rewarding experience.

Raised in East Vancouver, Lainie attended the Sauder School of Business at University of British Columbia, graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in 2004. She also has her Certified Financial Planning designation and her Registered Retirement Consultant certification. Currently, working towards her Chartered Investment Manager designation.

Worth Noting

At a very young age around 12 years old Lainie saved up $12,000 in her bank account and was encouraged to invest in term deposits by her parents. Her parents have always encouraged her to understand the value of a dollar and by 15, Lainie was negotiating GIC rates with the bank. She enjoys spending time with her partner, family, and friends. When she has time she enjoys golfing, snowboarding, Muay Thai training, going for walks and has a love for animals.