Well-Advised: Fall 2023 Edition

CI Assante Wealth Management has released the Fall 2023 Well-Advised Newsletter

Although the end of the year is still a couple of months away, I find myself already reflecting. When I wrote to you a year ago, it was a time of some remarkable technological advances. ChatGPT was just being launched and became a news story.

Since then, we’ve heard about the potential benefits and dangers of artificial intelligence and new technologies. On Page 1 of this newsletter, we look at one of the dangers. The article warns us about scammers using high-tech methods to commit financial fraud. You’re encouraged to relay this warning to family and friends.

Family members are the subject of two articles in this issue of Well-Advised, and the articles appeal to two generations. The Page 2 article involves children who are attending university or college and focuses on tax-smart ways to withdraw funds from a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP). The article on Page 3 explores some of the ways grandparents may want to give financial gifts to grandchildren.

Finally, on Page 4, we look at two aspects of estate planning that are important but often overlooked. One article explains why you should plan to cover the tax payable on your estate’s assets. The other discusses the need to account for digital property in your estate plan.

We hope you and your family enjoy the fall. Please contact us whenever we can help you with your wealth management program

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